We understand our customers must have complete confidence in our revenue cycle management strategy. We manage every step of the billing and claims process with an unparalleled focus on client, patient and community satisfaction.

With a long history of EMS experience, our consultants are experts in both increased system efficiency and cost reduction. Using our extensive industry knowledge, our team will design a custom-tailored solution for your system’s specific needs.

We understand that increased costs and pressures can prohibit your system from providing the best and most effective care to your community. Our job is to explore available options and administer supplementary revenue programs to increase quality and efficiency of service.


EMS|MC is the largest billing company focused exclusively on emergency medical services in the U.S. It is our job to help EMS agencies optimize revenue and expand their capacity to better serve the citizens and their communities.

With nearly 24 years of experience, we have developed a proven business model which has achieved superior outcomes for over 240 clients across the country. Our services include revenue cycle management, consulting and supplementary revenue programs.

“In May 2008, we went with EMS|MC to handle our billing. In the first year, our revenue increased by 21% and another 8% the next year.”
Gregg Hendren, EMS Director, Wilkes County EMS
“I could not be happier with the staff at EMS|MC. Very professional and thorough, rapid, complete and precise.”
Joseph L. Belanger, Ret. EMS Manager, Burke County Emergency Services
“[We are] very pleased with the services that we have received from EMS|MC since it has been our third party billing company. Everyone that we have come into contact with has been very nice and helpful.”
Lisa Baber, Battalion Chief, New Kent Fire-Rescue
“With the hard work and dedication of [our] EMS staff and EMS|MC staff, I am very pleased to say that we have not only made our projections, but we have actually exceeded it by $300,000.”
Rodney Stewart, Operations Supervisor, Rockingham County EMS
“Joining forces with EMS|MC immediately improved the quality of customer service we were able to provide to our community. Patient complaints about billing and collection issues ceased to exist almost overnight, and our department quickly grew to trust in the expertise behind the company name.”
Tina Busby, Union EMS
“Our partnership with EMS|MC has truly made a positive impact in allowing us to deliver a high level of service to the people in our district.”
Jeff Sadtler, Assistant Chief, West County EMS & Fire Protection District
“The EMS|MC team is easy to work with, and they work hard to provide us with the information, answers and support that we need.”
Derrick Atkins, Internal Auditor, Rowan County
“Anytime I have a question I can email or call and they respond in a timely manner. The employees will do anything for each customer and have proven this to me time after time. I would not want it any other way. Great group and will be doing business with them as long as we can.”
Doug Gillispie, EMS Director, Alexander County EMS
These [ICD-10] modules were by far the best constructed, concise, informative (and even enjoyable!) of the multiple formats of ICD-10 training that I have completed over the past 2 months. Kudos to your organization!
Barbara Stiehl, MD; Medical Director; Franklin County EMS
In July 2012 our partnership began with EMS|MC. It has been a very positive and rewarding experience. The increase in revenue has allowed us to purchase new equipment, a new ambulance and approval for a second ambulance. Can’t wait to see what the future may hold!
Robert Sampson; Assistant Director; Scotland County EMS
EMS|MC is part of our family. Working hand in hand with them, we saw an incredible turn around in profit in just one year. All of a sudden we were able to hire additional staff and provide benefits packages and expanded retirement. We also had the opportunity to move an entire hospital using our staff and trucks. These things aren’t possible unless you have the resources to make it happen. I have to thank the folks at EMS|MC for working hard to make sure we’re collecting all we can so that we can give back to our team and community.
Lee Wills; VP of Operations; Regional Paramedical Services
I count on EMS|MC to keep me up to date and compliant with the lengthy and difficult Medicare regulations. EMS|MC does more than just billing, they are an advocate for EMS and we value our relationship with them.
Brian Byrd, EMS Director, Davie County EMS
[This is] a company that refuses to rest on its laurels, but push the envelope to constantly improve the company-client experience.
Greg Curry, EMS Director, Burke County EMS
The EMS|MC team has maximized our overall revenue by improving our net collections and total trips processed. The openness and transparency of their work has significantly impacted our billing capabilities.
Jeff Lewis, EMS Director, Franklin County EMS
As a result of EMS|MC’s involvement with legislative proposals, EMS|MC clients are provided up to date information on proposed changes to laws that will affect the EMS industry. They are truly a full service agency that I highly recommend for anyone needing billing services.
Kim Robertson, Director, Johnston County Emergency Services

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