Crew Analysis

Crew Analysis provides the ability to quantify how often crew members are documenting specific data points on their PCR’s: Patient signature, Phone number, Insurance with policy number, Social Security Number & whether the trip was returned on the ACR RTP report. This tool will also allow the review of your documentation scores & averages in comparison to the EMS|MC National Average. Users will also be able to utilize the “Crew Member Trend Chart” to depict documentation trends for crew members over the last 12 months, or within a specific date range if desired. Client’s that utilize the ordering facility functionality can view trips by ordering facility in Crew Analysis. Capturing these in-depth data analytics can be used both to incentivize & to drive training: 

  • Provides internal feedback 
  • Qualifies for improvement the variables within your control  
  • Increase’s compliant collections 
  • Showcases clean claims produced by crew members 
  • Reveals organizational trends contributing to production/regression

This information is available in a report form that can be downloaded & printed. Users have the ability to print multiple crew member scorecards at one time from the Crew Analysis Metrics Crew List. This report is to aid in crew level performance review & training resulting in providing information needed to maximize revenue collection.