EMS|MC makes it a point to stay up to speed in our rapidly changing industry so that we can provide our clients with the most efficient solutions and best practices. While we’re based in the Southeast, our team makes stops at events all across the country. We would love to meet with you at any one of these events!

Upcoming 2016 Conferences

June 7-9: xi/abc360 in St. Louis, MO
June 20-22: Texas EMS Alliance in Montgomery, TX
July 18-22: Pinnacle in San Antonio, TX
July 20-21: ImageTrend in St. Paul, MN
August 1-5: NC Association of EMS Administrators in Asheville, NC
August 11-14: NC Association of County Commissioners in Winston-Salem, NC
September 10-13: Georgia EMS & Educators Conference in Savannah, GA
September 28-29: Alabama Association of Ambulance Services in Orange Beach, FL