Compliance/Useful Links

EMS is an ever-changing industry with many complexities. The following are links to resources that we use on a regular basis and recommend you become acquainted with as well.

Ambulance Educational Articles

Medicare Ambulance Services Homepage

CMS Condition Codes – Carrier Instructions

CMS Newsletter – SNF Consolidated Billing Contracts

OIG Advisory Opinion – Waiving Coinsurance

OIG Advisory Opinion – Restocking Ambulances

OIG Advisory Opinion – Subscription/Membership Programs



HITECH Business Assoc. Agreement


Medicare/Medicare Links

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

North Carolina Medicare Contractor

North Carolina Medicaid Contractor

South Carolina Medicare Contractor

South Carolina Medicaid Contractor

Tennessee Medicare Contractor

Tennessee Medicaid Contractor

Virginia Medicare Contractor

Virginia Medicaid Contractor


Useful Links

National Associations

Page, Wolfberg, Wirth, LLC

American Ambulance Association

National Association of State EMS Directors

International Association of Fire Chiefs

National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

National Association of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Educators

National Association of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Physicians



State Organizations

North Carolina

North Carolina Emergency Medical Services (EMS

North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS, Inc.

North Carolina Association of EMS Administrators

South Carolina

South Carolina EMS Administrators Association

South Carolina EMS Association

South Carolina EMS Homepage


Tennessee Department of Health/EMS

Tennessee EMS Education Association

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association


Virginia Department of Health: Office of EMS

Virginia Association of Governmental Administrators

Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads, Inc.

Virginia Fire Chief Association